Tired of Using Broom and Mop? A Vacuum Cleaner Can Ease Cleaning

The old school people feel that a good clean sweep with a broom followed by wet mopping is the perfect way to get your floors nice and sparkly. But, the new age generation is not really ready to pick broom and mop. The fact is that technology has made it possible to get the nice and sparkly floor without going through the trouble of using a broom and mop.

Do you want to know how? Well, invest in a good vacuum cleaner, which is your one-stop solution for all normal cleaning tasks. It has come a long way and today it is one of the most versatile and easy-to-use cleaning tools that you can gift yourself. It adds comfort to your life by making the cleaning process easy and quick to complete task and that too efficiently.

Wet vs. Dry Vacuum Cleaner

If you want to do away with the mop too, you should invest in a dry/wet vacuum cleaner. The dry ones suck away the dirt and dust and are not meant to deal with liquids. The dry/wet vacuum cleaner, on the other hand, besides doing all chores that a dry one does, helps in mopping your floor or carpet or in sucking up any spilled liquid from the surface.

Clean Hard-to-Reach Corners with Ease

When you use a broom, you put more effort and still the result is not perfect as you don’t really get to the edges and corners. The vacuum sucks up even the finest of the dust with much less effort.

If you have a grouted floor, then the mop just glides over the surface and the dirt settled in the grout lines remain intact. Using a vacuum, you can reach this dirt hiding in each crack and corner, thus completing the task of cleaning much more efficiently.

Vacuuming can be rightly called a removal process of dust rather than a pushing-around process, which happens if you are using a broom. However hard you try, some of the dust gets pushed while trying to use a broom, which is not the case in vacuuming as it gets sucked up and pushed into the dust bag from which it cannot escape. When you clean the surface with a vacuum, you don’t need to wet mop it often as there is no caked-on grime formation.

Efficient and Cost Effective

There was a study where the time taken to a clean a particular room using both broom and mop and the vacuum cleaner was noted. It was found that a janitor took 25 minutes less when he used a vacuum to clean the same place, which is a huge saving in terms of time and energy. This time-saving happened because he didn’t require moving the furniture to clean under it.  Also, there was no need to replace the bucket water as the fine soil was removed via vacuuming. So, water didn’t get as dirty as it was in the conventional process. Thus, use of vacuum cleaner is not only efficient but also cost effective.

Vacuum cleaner is definitely a good replacement to the traditional mop and bucket. You can use it for all your cleaning needs, but one thing to keep in mind is to use it correctly with the right tools required to perform a particular job for the best results.

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